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Do you want a twin?

11 Jan

Imagine that you would have a twin of the opposite sex. What would this person be like? Imagine a name for this person. How would he or she dress? What are his or her personality traits, interests and dreams?

Dress up as your twin of the opposite sex and take a picture of yourself. Then dress as yourself and take another picture. Send the pictures to to have them posted on this blog. You can also add a text about what it felt like to be your twin.

Haluatko kaksosen? Vill du Ha en tvilling? (suomeksi alhalla, på svenska längre ned)

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Abnormal superhero

23 Nov

Make and send us your own Abnormal Superhero! Order Abnormal Superhero cards.

Tee ja lähetä meille oma Abnormal Superherosi! Tilaa Abnormal Superhero -tehtäväkortteja.

Gör och skicka in din egen Abnormal Superhero till oss! Beställ Abnormal Superhero-uppgiftskort.

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